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Magician's Mayhem

Magician's Mayhem - IN STORES NOW!

At the beginning of a wonderful time in their lives, three old friends have come together for a long-overdue reunion. There was much to catch up on with new developments and careers taking them across the country. Bane, an itinerant, rough biker has been seeking out adventure. Carrie is a beautiful businesswoman who needs a little spice in her life, while Jessica is a talented magician’s assistant with a promising new future ahead of her in show business. Seems this unlikely group of friends reunites just in time to help Bane face a most devastating personal tragedy.


Several of Bane’s family members are being viciously slaughtered by a crazed serial killer disguised as an old-style magician. Suspicion clouds the lines of friendship between Jessica and Carrie as Jessica’s occupation is now cast in a most nefarious light. Carrie is aware of Jessica’s attraction to Bane and is causing a gaping chasm of distrust and harmony in their friendship.


When it becomes apparent that law enforcement fails to capture this psychotic killer, Bane and his friends soon find themselves seeking out clues, determined to keep the madman from striking again. Soul-shattering revelations bring our trio to the brink of madness as they learn far more about the adversary they seek to destroy than they ever wanted to know.


Who among them will survive the battle that draws closer?


When the lights fade to black, it’s what you see in the darkness that opens your eyes!













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