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Slate Raven started out in the writing world many years ago. However, at the time he was new and not entirely certain what the "rules" were in the publishing world. He quickly signed with what turned out to be not only a lazy but crooked publisher. Despite the fact they did no editing on those novels; unless pulling out great phrases and lines to use in other author's works is called editing, Slate Raven went on to sell his books and create a fairly large local fan base. Being a bit naive about the publishing world, Slate didn't realize that while he was winning awards for Character Creation and Development, his publishers had slowly stopped depositing checks into his accounts. Making his only funds come from speaking engagements and the ghostwriting Slate did for others that had a story to tell but, no skills through which to tell it.


Once the betrayal had been made known, Slate quickly sought justice (Sounds better than revenge doesn't it?) he called upon lawyers and engaged in a long and financially draining litigation to win back the rights to his novels. The years passed and the funds dwindled but still Slate would not give in. After an exhausting war, the publisher was forced into bankruptcy. However, just getting his novels back was just the beginning of a whole new journey for Slate. First, he had to have them removed from distribution and further sales, then he was forced to confront Amazon's Kindle division who had a difficult time understanding that a business that no longer existed could not retain the intellectual rights over Slate Raven's novels. After months of filling out the same form only to be asked to submit that form again, KDP finally released its hold on his novels and ceased selling them on their platform.


Now that the books are out of the system, Slate has gone back to those old novels and updated the technology, dialogue, and added a few new twists and turns that will shock even the most avid Slate Raven Fan. As of this time, Lorriane Kolmacic-Carey Editor and an accomplished author in her own right, has edited Magician's Mayhem. The artistic wizard and talented author, Erika M. Szabo completed the cover art for the book and has properly formatted the novel for your entertainment. Get your copy now! 


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